About Us

We are Leon and Debbie Couch, owners of Circle C Vacation Rentals.

Leon and Debbie, newlyweds as of 2/22/22, have worked together the last couple of years to provide unique Vacation Rentals to visitors of Caldwell. Leon began this Air BNB/VRBO journey in 2017 and since has developed more properties and a wedding venue with Debbie.

Leon has lived in Caldwell for over 20 years. He is a Custom Home Builder and the owner of HLC Homes and has built many custom homes in the area. Leon’s son, Landon, attended school in Caldwell, then earned his Masters degree from A&M in accounting. His daughter, Taylor, is also from Caldwell, earned her Bachelor’s degree from A&M, and now works as a Real Estate Agent in College Station. Debbie Fixed and Flipped homes in the Houston area for over 20 years. Debbie’s one daughter is an A&M graduate, lives in Houston and is developing her own vacation rental portfolio.

We strive to exceed our guests’ expectations by providing unique properties for individuals visiting Caldwell, Texas.